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What’s the i‑Drive?

The i‑Drive is still the most advanced wheelchair drive control to date! Designed around a proprietary Central Processing Unit (CPU) and the i‑Drive Config App, this combination of hardware and software brings state‑of‑the‑art technology to the alternative drive control industry!

Designed to provide:

  • A real-time user interface environment
  • Improved driving efficiency
  • Better feedback
  • Increased switch responsiveness
  • Superior switch site access
  • More effective learning curve
  • Increased confidence
  • Smooth intuitive control
  • Ease of all control set ups
  • Superior positioning and head control

Unique Features and Configurations

What makes the i‑Drive unique in the wheelchair drive control industry?

  • Driving a power wheelchair can be challenging for a driver with limited functional ability
  • Erratic movements requiring constant correction utilizes high energy, can be frustrating and challenging
  • The i‑Drive CPU works at a frequency of 150 kHz allowing the interaction between the driver and the system to occur in real time
  • Real Time Feedback allows confidence, smooth control and improved driving efficiency. The Use of Less Human Energy!

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