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UniLink began as an improvement to the current TWB family of products. The goal is to simplify the line and use one link for everything. During this project, the past issues of TWB are being addressed.

One of the main focus of the UniLink system is simplicity, and this is accomplished with the following points:

  • Most adjustments can be accomplished with one tool, a 4 mm hex wrench.
  • All systems use the same link option and three (3) size options: 1 1/2″ (38 mm), 2″ (50 mm) and 3″ (76 mm).
  • All elements are compatible with one another.

Built to Hold

UniLink allows for near limitless positioning of components with improved strength over TWB. UniLink uses a similar compression technology as its predecessor.

UniLink provides four times the strength of the current TWB family of products. UniLink joints compose of steel inserts can hold up to 102lbf (453.72N) before moving, and each joint can rotate up to 258°.

Revolutionary Mounting System

Hence its brand name, the UniLink simplifies the component system by using one link configuration for everything. Every part integrates perfectly with one another giving the opportunity to better understand it, apply it, and consider it for other implementations. Either as a pelvic solution or any other solution, each of its components is interchangeable.

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