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i2i (Upper Torso System)

The i2i system was developed by Leslie Fitzsimmons PT, ATP, who designed the i2i system for her most challenged students at Lakeview School in New Jersey (US). The i2i is designed to:

  • Maintain overall positioning goals. Counteracting gravity may result in better and longer-term hip and trunk positioning.
  • Decrease the progression of cervical deformities. Negative positions allowed to continue may become fixed deformities.
  • Supply an upright head position promoting eye contact. Looking at the floor or ceiling isolates an individual from their environment
  • Promote active head control. Adjusting the i2i in a “prompt” position allows the user to work on increased head control.
  • Improve a person’s mealtime experience. Meals become more manageable without the need for an aid to maintain an open airway
  • Improve saliva management. Upright head and neck positioning may result in decreased drooling.

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